College mission

The mission is to train competitive specialists of technical and technological, agricultural profiles, able to show high quality training in accordance with market requirements.
The vision is to become a recognized college in Kazakhstan and international educational space for training of professional and competitive personnel for the needs of industries that meet requirements of society and employers.

The student is the main value. Everything we do, we do for our students!
Knowledge. In the informational society, knowledge is an absolute value!
 Quality. Consistent high quality training of specialists, meeting requirements of time, society and the state.
Innovation. Integration into the world’s educational, scientific and cultural space.


The College focuses on following main factors:
Management is the art of achieving goals;
Marketing- market analysis;
The technology of the educational process is a step-by-step transition to credit technology and a dual
training system;
HR policy — determine which team is needed to solve strategic goals;
Finance — development of an incentive system through organization of additional education (activities)