Specialty name (qualification)Period of study, On the basis of general secondary education (Grade 11)Number of students
02310100 «Translation Studies» (Translator 4S02310101)1 year 10 months1
04110100 «Accounting and audit» (4S04110102 — accountant-economist)2 years 10 months15
07140100 «Automation and control of technological processes» (4S07140102 — electromechanical technician)2 years 10 months13
07140500 «Digital technology» (4S07140504 — electronic technician)2 years 10 months3
07320100 «Construction and operation of buildings and structures» (4S07320106 — construction technician)2 years 10 months12
07161600 «Mechanization of agriculture» (3W07161603 — tractor driver of agricultural production)2 years 10 months1
07310200 «Geodesy and Cartography» (4S07310202 — aerial photography geodesist)2 years 10 months2
07310300 «Land management» (4S07310302 Technical land management)2 years 10 months8
08110100 «Agronomy» (4S08110103 — agronomist)2 years 10 months4
08110700 «Fish Industry» (4S08110703 fish farmer)2 years 10 months4
07150900 «Operation and installation of refrigerating and compressor machines and equipment» (4S07150902 mechanical technician)2 years 10 months5
07161300 «Maintenance, repair and operation of road transport» (4S07161304 Mechanical Engineer)2 years 10 months48
10410200 «Organization of transportation and organization of traffic on railway transport» (4С10410205 technician-organizer of transportation)2 years 10 months27
10410500 «Operation of water transport» (technician-driver 4С10410508)2 years 10 months1
07130700 «Maintenance, repair and operation of electromechanical equipment» (4S07130704 electromechanical technician)2 years 10 months32