Electromechanical department

  Specialty name (qualification)Period of studyNumber of students
 On the basis of basic secondary education (grade 9)On the basis of general secondary education (grade 11)Basic environment knowledge-based (Grade 9)General average knowledge-based (Grade 11)
07130100 «Electrical equipment» (3W07130101 electrician)2 years 10 months1 year 10 months38 
07130700 «Maintenance, repair and operation of electromechanical equipment» (4S07130704 electromechanical technician)3 years 10 months2 years 10 months9531
07150900 «Operation and installation of refrigerating and compressor machines and equipment» (4S07150902 mechanical technician)3 years 10 months2 years 10 months372